5 Winter Holiday Activities for Kids

5 Winter Holiday Activities for Kids

Not many holidays can compete with the joy of snow holidays for parents. Watching your kid’s first reactions to a winter wonderland or even a stray falling snowflake is something pretty special to experience. There also aren’t many holidays that will leave your kids as happy and exhausted at the end of the day as a snow holiday. There are a lot of activities to enjoy as a family, no matter how young or old your children are.

Winter Holiday Activities for Kids – Skiing Lessons

#1: Skiing Lessons

Of course you can’t have a real winter holiday without skiing. If you haven’t been to the slopes before then one of the best winter activities to do with your children is taking skiing lessons. Most of the ski resorts will cater for this, teaching kids from as young as 3. The lessons will cover the basics of skiing to give your kids a great platform to build on. Once they’ve mastered their lessons, take them down a gentle beginner slope. If you have older kids, be sure to check out any twilight sessions on offer at your ski resort. Lessons and ski runs go until mid-evening. The snow fields are extra magical under the lights and there is often live entertainment and extended shuttle hours.

Winter Holiday Activities for Kids – tobogganing and tubing

#2: Tobogganing and Tubing

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed and fun than taking ski lessons with the kids, then you’ll want to go tobogganing or tubing. Tobogganing will bring out the child in any parent which makes it the perfect bonding experience with your kids. Larger ski resorts will have a dedicated toboggan slope and toboggans to rent on site. Tubing is another favourite snow activity for families looking for a lot of fun. No skill is necessary, you just need to hang on as you go sliding down the mountain. Like tobogganing, many resorts will have groomed lanes especially for snow tubing. These runs also often have lifts for snow tubers to take you back up the mountain, where you’ll be more than ready to do it all over again.

Winter Holiday Activities for Kids – snow sculpting

#3: Snow Sculpting

Snow sculpting doesn’t have to be all about building a snowman, though it can be if you want to do a classic snow activity with the kids. At many ski resorts there are often snow sculpting competitions you can enter. You can choose to use just your hands to sculpt, a spade or even a saw. If you want to get really competitive and you’re after some inspiration, the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan has a professional snow sculpting competition that people from all over the world come to watch.

Winter Holiday Activities for Kids - snowboarding

#4: Snowboarding

Snowboarding is more popular than ever and you may find that your kids are more interested in sliding down the slopes on a board than on skis. If they’ve never been snowboarding before then you’ll want to make sure they stick to the nursery slopes and beginner areas before progressing onto the harder runs. Just like with skiing, it’s always a good idea to take some beginner lessons first. Most ski resorts will offer both skiing and snowboarding lessons for kids. You may also find that many children respond better to an instructor than a parent when learning to board.

Winter Holiday Activities for Kids – snowshoe tours

#5: Snowshoe Tours

If you’re after a classic snow holiday than you might want to consider taking the family on a snowshoe tour. Snowshoes haven’t improved much over the years so if you’ve ever strapped on two tennis rackets to your feet in the snow, you’ll find it’s pretty much the same experience. This means walking, jumping and running (when able) on top of the snow. It requires little effort and there’s not much to learn. This is the perfect opportunity for getting in those family holiday snaps as many tours will take you through the centre of the beautiful snow parks.


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