10 Fun Things You Can Do On A Snow Holiday Besides Skiing

10 Fun Things You Can Do On A Snow Holiday Besides Skiing

Although winter getaways most often revolve around skiing, it’s certainly not the only activity you can enjoy in snow-filled regions around the world. Most all-inclusive ski resorts have a wide range of activities for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels, so you’ll never have to endure a dull moment whether you’re a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner.

If you’ve been thinking of going on a snow holiday and are wondering what you can look forward to besides skiing, here are ten fun activities you’ll be able to tackle both on and off the slopes.

#1: Try some Nordic walking


Nordic walking is like regular hiking or walking, but with the addition of two cross-country ski poles. It’s said to be one of the most complete workouts, and there’s no better place to give it a try for the first time than on a snow-covered mountain with spectacular views as far the eye can see.

#2: Take snowboarding lessons


Whether you’ve skied before or not, a snowboarding lesson or two is bound to be a lot of fun. Although snowboarding generally takes more time for beginners to get used to than skiing, once you’re accustomed to the stance and positioning, it’s actually easier to master and you’ll likely progress a lot more quickly than you would with skiing.

#3: Strap on some snowshoes


Snowshoeing has been used as a mode of transport for thousands of years and is now one of the fastest growing winter sports in the world. It’s a fun and low-key way to explore your surroundings and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

#4: Go tubing down a mountain

No matter how old you may be, snow tubing is a great way to enjoy the slopes and it’s very safe too. Many ski resorts have specially designed tubing tracks, so bundle up warmly and grab your inflatable rubber ring to enjoy some disorderly winter fun.

#5 Take a spin in a snowmobile


Snowmobiling is a great way to explore your surroundings without exerting yourself. if you’re all tuckered out from your skiing or snowboarding, a snowmobile tour could be just the thing. Most ski resorts offer guided snowmobile tours and allow you to choose between driving your own and just enjoying the scenery from the back seat.

#6: Experience dog sledding


If you can find a ski resort that offers it, dog sledding is well worth your time. It’s more peaceful than snowmobiling thanks to the lack of engine noise, and what could be better than gliding through a glittering snow-covered landscape with a pack of dogs?

Dog sled teams can travel at up to 20mph and although you’ll have an experienced guide with you at all times, you’ll have the opportunity to handle your own sled and team of dogs, making it an experience you won’t soon forget.

#7: Relax at the spa


If you choose to spend a little extra money on pampering, most resorts are equipped with luxurious spas where you can relax and recharge after the more adventurous activities on the slopes.  As part of your All-inclusive package, you’ll also be able to soak in a hot tub while overlooking the snowy peaks around you or recuperate in the sauna.

#8: Revel in some indoor swimming


Although swimming may be the last thing on your mind when you’re setting off for wintery getaway, many snow  resorts have heated indoor pools which can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Gliding through the warm water is bound to be pretty soothing after all your physical exertion.

#9: Indulge your taste buds


With all that skiing, snowboarding and tubing, you’re definitely going to work up an appetite every day. Fortunately all-inclusive ski resorts allow you to indulge your taste buds with just about every delicacy imaginable, from classic dishes like raclette and fondue to local specialties.

#10: Enjoy the après-ski nightlife


A snow  holiday just wouldn’t be the same without a little post-slope partying or “après-ski.” After a long day of snow-filled adventures, you can kick off your snowshoes and enjoy a lively atmosphere with the traditional après-ski drink of your choice, whether it’s peppermint schnapps, apple cider or mulled wine.


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