The Best of 2016’s Honeymoon Hotspots

The Best of 2016’s Honeymoon Hotspots

For many people, a honeymoon means three things: sun, sea and sand. But while the traditional tropical honeymoon is still as popular as ever, a few other destinations have crept in to spice things up a bit.

Here are our predictions for the backdrops you can expect to see filling up newlyweds’ Instagram accounts this wedding season.

Sri Lanka



Beaches? Tick. Ancient ruins? Tick. Fabulous wildlife? Tick. Sri Lanka has it all. It’s also something of a cross between India and Bali, sitting serenely between the two as the majority of tourists travel overhead. This secret garden status is exactly why Sri Lanka is such a great honeymoon destination: it’s still relatively free from bustling crowds.

Sri Lanka’s tropical climate is the perfect accompaniment to a stroll through the hills, where you’ll find tea plantations and stunning rainforests. And the food? Well, it speaks for itself. Rich in flavour and warming spices, you’ll eat like royalty!

The Maldives


The breath-taking landscape that makes up the Maldives is a honeymoon favourite for a reason. Sun, sea and sand are the order of the day, with a tropical climate to match.

You can fill your days with sunbathing sessions, scuba diving excursions and adventures into the lush forest, surrounded by amazing wildlife. It’s a sure-fire recipe for romance that won’t be spent when the sun goes down. After all, the Maldivian cuisine features some of the freshest fish you could hope for, and when eaten under a clear sky sparkling with stars, will taste all the sweeter.



The traditional honeymoon might take place on exotic soil, but more and more couples are choosing to holiday nearer home after their wedding. Ireland is one such beauty spot, home to rugged landscapes, crashing seas and charming towns. One of the best things about this destination, though, is its diversity.

While cities like Dublin offer shopping, galleries and nightlife galore, the Dingle Peninsula and Giant’s Causeway boast dramatic rural landscapes that’ll take your breath away. Whether you’re a pair of city mice or country bumpkins, Ireland has it all.



Italy was made for lovers. A melting pot of world-famous cuisine, romance and history, you won’t fail to lose yourself in the country’s intoxicating atmosphere.

Venice may be the undisputed romance capital of Italy, but there is something to be said of places like Florence and Rome, too. After all, the former is the birthplace of the Renaissance, while the latter offers a charming insight into the past. The south of Italy creates a different kind of relaxation, presenting sandy beaches and quaint villages to those seeking complete quietude. You’ll soon let go of any leftover wedding stress.



Portugal isn’t all pastel de nata, though these little custard tarts are a certain must-try while you’re there. No: Portugal is glamour, beauty and complete enchantment rolled into one.

While the capital, Lisbon, is a must on many peoples’ bucket lists, coastal havens like the Algarve offer that bit more peace and relaxation for newly-wed couples. You could even consider Sintra, a lesser-known Portuguese town that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. Rippling mountains, lush forests and colourful palaces ensure you won’t fail to fall in love with this unique landscape.



The heady scents, sights and sounds of Morocco make for memories you’ll never forget. As you stroll around souks and fill your belly with authentic cuisine, you’ll find yourself slipping under this country’s spell.

Its beaches are exciting – offering the opportunity to try watersports like sailing or kayaking – its towns are bustling with energy, and there is something new to discover around every corner. There’s nothing more romantic than truly losing yourself in a destination together.



Florida is a paradise of sunny beaches and glorious weather, but this isn’t the prime reason that Florida seems to be rising in popularity as a honeymoon destination. That accolade goes to one place: Walt Disney World.
While Disneyland Paris has seen its fair share of engagements over the past year, Walt Disney World appears to be the natural follow up for newly-wed couples. Bursting with magic and enchantment, and offering the opportunity to be a kid again, Florida is a truly charming honeymoon hotspot.




Famous for the classic cars populating its streets, Cuba can, at first glance, seem like a country stuck in limbo. But it’s far from it, sizzling with energy and undeniable character.

The reason for Cuba’s vehicular time-warp stems from a longstanding ban on foreign vehicle imports, but these historic motors are all part of this destination’s charm. Gliding down the road in a vintage Buick, hand in hand, with the sun warming your skin is the stuff that dreams are made of.

If you visit one place here, make it Havana, the beautiful city that was adored by none other than Ernest Hemingway.



Phuket may have a reputation as a party island, but there are large pockets of this beautiful Thai destination that are perfect for honeymooners.

As the biggest island in Thailand, couples can choose from the kind of environment they’d like to relax in, from vibrant corners hosting a plethora of parties to unspoilt areas brimming with natural beauty. If you need some tips, Phuket Town has become something of an artsy hub, Patong is the biggest town with the busiest beach, and Rawai remains blissfully tranquil.

What’s your dream honeymoon destination? Does it feature in our roundup? Let us know!


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