Fun Ways to get Fit on Foreign Soil

Fun Ways to get Fit on Foreign Soil

Whether you’re a dedicated gym-bunny or seasoned walker, you needn’t abandon your fitness routine when you head off on holiday. In fact, getting fit on foreign soil is even more fun than at home!

Take a look at some of these exciting activities, and where in the world you can enjoy them.

Indulge in a spot of swimming

Woman snorkel

It may feel like you aren’t doing that much work, but swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit. It works your entire body while being gentle on your joints. What’s more, going swimming on holiday offers a glimpse into a whole new world.

What could be more thrilling than donning a snorkel or some scuba gear and spending time beneath the waves, exploring coral reefs and magical marine life? Or simply swimming some lengths of your resort pool against a tropical backdrop?

Hotspot: The endlessly enchanting Caribbean.

Run wild

woman jogging

Running in your new surroundings is a great way to explore. From pristine beaches and mountain trails to intriguing local towns, there are plenty of places to pound the pavements. And you never know, you could even spot some exciting wildlife or come across a hidden ruin.

Hotspot: The achingly beautiful landscape of Sicily.

Explore on horseback


For a new perspective on a destination, explore the landscape on horseback. Once you’re safely seated atop a gentle giant, you’ll be hooked: there’s nothing like adventuring over hill, dale and trail on a valiant steed. Your group will head where cars can’t go and further than you may manage on foot, offering unrivalled views of oceans, forests and, dependent on your destination, volcanoes!

Hotspot: The wild mountains of Turkey.

Strap on your skis


What could be more charming than slicing through powdery snow on an atmospheric mountaintop, surrounded by lush trees and traditional chalets? It’s a lovely way to spend a holiday, with the advantage of mulled wine and hot chocolate to warm you up once you’re finished on the slopes. Skiing is a great way to get fit on foreign soil, too, strengthening your legs and your core muscles.

Hotspot: The vast wilderness of the Alps.

Try your hand at rock climbing


Rock climbing is a great way to work your muscles while indulging your sense of adventure. As well as strengthening your fingers, arms, shoulders, back and legs, it improves your stamina and flexibility. Plus, if you decide to go rock climbing in a brand new country, you can appreciate stunning scenery you’d never have seen from the ground.

Hotspot: The hazy Mediterranean mountains of Greece.

Take to the waves

kayak couple

Jetting off to warmer climes means sun, sea and sand; an unmissable opportunity to get out on the water and try a new sport. Kayaking and windsurfing are both great ways to explore the coastline and have some serious fun with your loved ones, and have the added advantage of being good for your body and mind.

Hotspot: The jewel of the Indian Ocean: the Maldives.

Pull on your walking shoes


You’d be surprised by just how beneficial walking around your holiday destination can be, whether you’re sightseeing or hiking out in the wilds. Leaving the pool behind for a spot of exploring isn’t just great for your body though – you’ll see so much more of your destination, and get a real taste of authentic local life.

Hotspot: Japan, home to endless history and incredibly rich culture.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace adventure by getting fit in a completely new and exhilarating way. What better excuse for a holiday?


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