All You Need to Know About a Holiday to Bali, Indonesia

All You Need to Know About a Holiday to Bali, Indonesia

Towering coconut palms and long, sandy beaches under the warm tropical sun… it’s no wonder Bali is one of the favourite holiday destinations. Bali has a rich cultural and spiritual history, with fragrant foods, temples and traditional festivals just waiting to be discovered.

Sound like a dream? It definitely is. If you’re planning a holiday to Bali, here’s everything you need to know about this tropical paradise…

Best time to go to Bali

Club Med Bali Beach Club Med Bali Beach

Depends on what you’re after! May – July are the peak months of dry season. If you’re a surfer, catch the best waves between April – October, and if you’re looking for culture, don’t miss the Nyepi Festival in March or the Galungan Festival in February.

How to get there


Bali is only a 2h40 hour flight from Singapore. TigerAir, Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia (among others) fly direct!

Visas and Vaccinations

We have some good news: Singapore tourists don’t require a visa to visit Bali for holidays. And while it’s not required, it’s recommended you check up on your shots: Tetnus and Diptheria, Hepatitis A and B. It’s important to note that some Club Med Kids Clubs will ask for proof of immunization for the little ones!

Your guide on what to do and see in Bali

One of the best things about a holiday to Bali is immersing yourself in the rich culture, and making the most of beautiful surroundings. From surfing the seas to savasana in yoga, we’ve got our top picks below.

Embrace local traditions

Club Med Bali Yoga

✔️ Take a lesson in Bahasa, the official language of Indonesia
✔️ Participate in a traditional Balinese tea ceremony
✔️ Learn how to create delectable delicacies such as lawar or bebek betutu at a Balinese cooking class

Chase your adrenaline



✔️ Soar through the air on a flying trapeze amongst the palms!
✔️ Enjoy a competitive match of beach volleyball on the sandy shores of Nusa Dua
✔️ Try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding or windsurfing alongside pristine shores
✔️ Venture to UIuwatu or Padang Padang to experience the very best swells Bali has to offer – surf on waves of up to 12 ft!

Embark on an adventure


✔️ Escape to the Uluwatu Temple to uncover beautifully crafted Balinese architecture and spirituality, or watch the sun set from a cliff towering above the seas
✔️ Visit world-heritage listed Borobudur and experience Buddhist spirituality and history first-hand
✔️ Take the plunge and feel the thrill of white water rafting down the Ayung River and through the dense Balinese jungle

A few more helpful tips before your trip to Bali…


  • Wild animals look cute, but be wary! Not only will wild monkeys try to steal your food, but they might get in to your luggage too. Keep a lookout for these little critters and take photos, but keep your distance.
  • Rainy season doesn’t mean constant downpours. While the weather is out of anyone’s control, often rain is limited to a few brief spells rather than a constant downpour.
  • Haggling is okay for products and services but save it for markets and stores. Most international resorts and hotels in Bali, including Club Med Bali, have fixed rates within the resort.

Really, there’s something for everyone in Bali. Whether you’re looking for exhilarating experiences, a cultural awakening, or simply somewhere to laze by the pool, you really can’t go wrong.

Take the kids, take a partner, or bring all your friends; you’ll have a ball under the Balinese sun!



Discover more about Club Med Bali in the video below, or by clicking here.


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